How learning music changed my life…

3 min readJan 29, 2021

So I have been a musical geek ever since I remember my existence. But never got the chance to take dedicated music lessons until 4 and a half years ago. It was when I decided to take piano lessons and dive deep into music. Before joining my piano classes, all I knew was some songs that I either taught myself by hearing or learned from youtube. So today I am going to share my experience of evolving from an ordinary kid to a trained musician.

So the very first day of my piano lesson was a bit… Awkward. I was an extremely shy kid and this was for the first time after school, where I met a bunch of new children and a new teacher, with whom I have to involve socially. But thankfully, I had a great experience learning from my teacher and I can not think of any better teacher than him (I still take classes from him). So the training began right from the first class and will continue till my demise.

So without getting you bored, let`s hit the point.

How different I am now????

So first of all, what learning to play piano induced in me is ‘FOCUS’. I am much more present-minded now than I could ever have been. Musical training requires a lot of training with pinpoint concentration (although I belong to the “Overthinkers” category). But music has definitely helped me with my concentration power or would have gone mad by now, just because of overthinking.

Secondly, it filled me up with confidence. Learning something, be it anything, definitely gives a boost to confidence. 5 years back, I wasn`t even able to walk to someone and ask just for a minute help. But now I am constantly making new friends, my communication skills are far far better than a few years back, and finally, I can feel myself evolving socially.

Third and the most important change which I can clearly observe in myself is that I am naturally good at every other work at the first go. Be it driving, cooking, or any other day to day work. Also, my problem-solving skills have perked up like a hot spring shower. I don`t actually know the exact reason but maybe this is because, according to me, when you learn something which requires a well-balanced and accurate mind-body balance, you eventually get better with regular life work. You can think of these as complementary superpowers.

And now fourth and the most thankful change to me is that I can call myself a “Musician”. I mean, what else could be of more honor when you can address yourself as a practitioner of the 18th most difficult subject to learn. That`s what I am extremely thankful for.

So if you are thinking of taking music lessons anytime in the near future, just go for it. This could be your “Life-changing decision”. And if not, knowledge always pays off, even just for an instant of your life.




Hii! I am a queer combination of a writer`s and a musician`s mind, trapped inside a body of a lazy person. Love to play piano and write sciency articles.