How difficult it is to maintain a daily routine??

The life of a student is not anymore easier than a corporate employee nowadays. Tons of school and college assignments, hours of classes to attend, weekly tests, up-going competition, and the constant pressure of expectations and declining results always keep the mental health at stake. And the conditions of a co-operate worker are no very much different. Maintain the office league, on-time submission, and then giving enough time to their family are equally challenging. The overall predicament bounds them to get frustrated and feel shattered.

But all they need to understand is that a well-planned daily routine can help them to get out of this disappointing situation and observe themselves evolve. The ability to balance work and personal life is one of the most necessary skills that a person must possess, especially students.

Being a student or a work professional, it is really important to understand how proper balance can lead to a happy and prosperous life. Giving time to your family and yourself is equally important as our studies and work. People often get involved in their work-life so much that they mess up with their full-day schedule that should include many other things too. And a dedicated timetable would work perfectly fine to get your busy and messed up life back in order. Some people may find it difficult or boring to follow the groove daily, but it will definitely help you get aligned with your expectations and increase your efficiency up to remarkable results.

The other problem that many people face is lack of efficiency, which leads to more consumption of time than required by certain work. And are definitely not gonna like it if your work consumes your ‘Me-Time’. To avoid this situation, you can help yourself by practicing meditation to train your mind to be more focused and keeping a check on your working methods. You just have to keep a track of tasks you complete throughout the day and the time consumed by them. Wherever required, make small amendments in your working methods, the way of approach, and other parameters. This will subsequently lead to a well-managed and efficient schedule that you will be proud of.

Remember that hard work is not the only key to success. We have to shape our life according to our priorities and interests. The people who inspire you have lived a completely different life, in a completely different environment, with a completely different mindset. So stop copying and design your life according to your needs.



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Hii! I am a queer combination of a writer`s and a musician`s mind, trapped inside a body of a lazy person. Love to play piano and write sciency articles.